July 23rd 2016

Today for the first time in over a month I had the opportunity for a lie in this morning. But, because my body has adjusted to a working schedule, and partly because I’ve got into the habit of sleeping with my curtains wide open, I woke up at 7am. 

Seeing how bright it was outside, and because I was already awake, I went for a morning run through the forest. 

For the few hours following my run I was able to just fuck about doing nothing. And I’ve not fucked about for a while now. I always seem to have something going on. I’ve had plans after work every night this week, and I’ve consistently been busy at weekends too. 

Today was no exception from that. I had some kind of wedding party to go to. The weird thing being that the couple (who I have met) actually got married about 6 months ago, they just never had a party. Today was the party. 

It was a kind of BBQ in a community centre, except the BBQ was provided by a burger man in a burger van. It was a weird situation, but a nice one. 

Because I barely knew anyone I spent my time playing football with the children. Me and Alice’s sister’s boyfriend (Sean) challenged some of the kids to a match. They were at most 6 years old, but they were better than us. So we rotated the teams so me and Sean were each on a team with either 1 or 2 of the kids. 

My team won. Woo. 

I had to keep reminding myself that they were about eight, so I shirked out of a couple of challenges and put in very attempts at a header. I will freely admit that I was nutmegged three times by three different eight year olds. They let me know it too, by shouting “Panna” every time they did it. 

That was fun. Although I then had to return to the party in a sweat. 

I was supposed to have plans this evening, too. But the party ran on a bit longer than expected so I had to cancel my evening plans of going for a drink with an old work mate. 

My life has got particularly busy during the month of July. But it’s all good, it keeps me going. The two hours I had to myself today bored me. 

Until tomorrow, what do people do with free time? I’ve forgotten. 



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