July 15th 2016

Today I’m on a train on my way to London to meet my friend. He invited me to a Last Shadow Puppets gig (I have no idea who they are either) a few months ago, and I said I’d go along because it would be a good opportunity to see him for the first time since he moved to London. 

Because of the unpredictability of tonight’s event, today’s blog will be written in stages. Just to make sure I get the opportunity to post something of worth. It’s possible that after the gig I’ll be tired and deaf from two and a half hours of… one second, googling…. “Baroque Pop” blasted out from that band that neither of us (you and I, not he and me) have ever heard of. 

Wikipedia tells me that they’re a supergroup. So that’s reassuring. 


So I booked a half day at work and jumped on a train. I’m sat in the seat behind the seat that I booked because I do not have the confidence or the balls to confront the man that is sat in my seat. 


Checking in, I’m on the tube on the way to the gig now. It’s surprising how many people fall asleep on the London Underground. How do they know when to wake up? Are their body clocks so finely tuned that they know the exact moment that they need to awake from their underground slumber? 


At the gig now. I just paid £9 for a chicken burger that I ate three bites of because it was fucking horrendous. The gig is in Alexandra Palace, and it’s like an indoor festival. We sat and listened to the banjo players for a bit before going in to the main concert bit. 


On the tube on the way back home after the gig now. It was good. Knackering though. It’s amazing how painful standing still can be. My main piece of ironic commentary from the gig is this.

You know those people who sit on the shoulders of their tall friends, supposedly so they can see better? They’re attention seekers. 

You only ever see it happen at the front of the crowd, the people at the back – the ones who can’t see – stay firmly off the shoulders of those around them. But the ones at the front mount the necks. And what’s funny is that they always turn their backs on the band. Because they don’t want to see the band better, they want people to see them. So they turn and face the crowd, and record themselves on Snapchat so their friends can see just how cool they are too. 

The band were good, they were much like Arctic Monkeys just with about half as much Alex Turner. 

I realise that I’m not actually much of a fan of live music. Everyone around me was getting really really into it. And it means so much to some people. I over heard someone saying that she’s seen this band 7 times this year. I do kind of admire that dedication. I don’t care that much about anything. I don’t have that passion. It’s sad, I guess. But that’s me. 

That passion doesn’t even compare to the performers. The guys on stage who just proper fucking love music.

I like music, but gigs just wear me out. 

Until tomorrow, puppet master. 



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