July 5th 2016

Today, my second day in a new job, I felt like I was getting a good start. Eager to contribute to the discussions within our team, I suggested a possible future feature and my boss said “good idea”, and really, that’s all anyone could ever ask for. I’m currently in the phase of just trying to ingest as much information as I possibly can, and hope that some of it gets digested into my brain. I’m already loving having meetings because it’s an opportunity to learn a whole bunch of stuff real fast, but I’m keen not to just sit there gormlessly, and try to engage and interact.

And today I got a “good idea”, so I’m taking that as a win.

Because I work as a copy/content/writer/creator in the technology industry, within the talks and the website and stuff there are often a load of things that I don’t understand at all. So I’m doing my best to learn as I’m going through, and quickly googling things I don’t understand. I’m listening to the Sales team that sit across the room, I’m paying attention to words and phrases and abbreviations, and I’m trying to expand my knowledge.

It’s a process, but I’m enjoying it. I haven’t properly learnt anything new since I left Uni, although saying that, I couldn’t tell you a single thing I learnt at University other than the fact that Tequila makes me puke. The long days are new to me, but they go quicker than I thought they would because I’ve got things to do. I like to keep myself busy, so the day doesn’t seem to be that long.

It’s made longer by the fact that the work day is sandwiched between an hour commute on either end, but I’ve got Podcasts and Audible to keep me going. It’s all just a transition process as I go from lazy night owl who starts work at 4pm to productive full time worker who wakes at 630am every day.


Also, I had a nice lunch meeting with a twitter-friend today. I say meeting, but it wasn’t that formal. Only one of us was dressed for the occasion. It was lunch. I’m meeting loads of new people, and learning loads of new stuff and it’s all very exciting.

I still have stuff to figure out. I have to figure out what the optimum departure time is in the morning so that I avoid traffic. I have to decide whether the office is too hot for a jumper or too cold for a shirt. And I have to figure out a more affordable lunch situation because I can’t keep spending a tenner on a Costa every day. Oh, and I have to sort out the back support on my chair and invest in a new notepad.

Until tomorrow, bright and early.



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