July 2nd 2016

Today, on my last day at the job I’ve had for six years (waiter, restaurant) a customer asked if I was a new member of staff. 

“I’ve not seen you here before,” he said. “Are you new?”

I laughed. “No mate, believe it or not I’ve been here for six years.”

Six years. 

He asked if I only worked during the week or something, and to be fair I don’t usually work Saturdays. Which is probably why he’s never seen me before. 

One of the best things about working there was the flexibility. I got to choose what hours I wanted to do, what nights I wanted off, how many hours I wanted each week. When id swan off back to Uni at the end of the summer, my job would be waiting for me again over the two weeks at Christmas. I left for three months to travel the world, and the day after I got back I went back to work. 

It’s been very, very good to me over the years, but I’ve finally outgrown it. I’ve now moved on to bigger and better things, and Pizza Hut will stay a fond memory. The best thing about working there was the people. Everyone is so lovely. They all signed a card and got me some presents. 

In my six years at the store I’ve seen every single employee come and go. People who were there when I started left eventually. And soon I was the longest serving staff member there. (Pun intended) I’ve seen multiple iterations of the college aged generation come and go again when they head off to Uni, I’ve made a load of separate groups of friends because I was consistently there whilst everyone else came and went. 

The people are great, really really great. It’s so lovely that they got me a card, and signed it with heartfelt messages. 

Most of them were jealous that I was leaving. Escaping. Because it does sometimes feel like the restaurant drags you in and doesn’t let you leave. It’s because of the pros that I’ve mentioned – the flexibility, the people – it’s easy, it’s safe, and it’s good money. 

But now I start my new job on Monday. And it’s 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. And it’s a whole new chapter of my grown up life. It will be the second job I’ve ever had. I started at Pizza Hut when I was 16 years old and fresh out of Secondary School. Six years later I’m a Maths Graduate. I outgrew the place a long time ago, but never left, because it was so easy and welcoming to go back to. 

I don’t know how I felt when I walked out for the last time. I mean, I’ll go back to see everyone, but it won’t be the same. The place will go on without me, and I won’t be there to see it. Because now it’s my time to leave. 

I wasn’t sad, because it’s almost a relief – that I’m finally getting my life sorted with a proper job. But I wasn’t happy to be leaving because it’s a job that has been good for me both personally and financially. 

I can talk to strangers better than I once could, and pressure or stress doesn’t phase me because I knew what I was doing. And I had my methodical ways, and I tried to impart them onto my coworkers. And together we ran the place pretty well. 

And now I’m going. 

And it’s weird. 

Until tomorrow, onto new things. 



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