March 27th 2016

Today we explored an abandoned castle. Well, from the outside because we didn’t want to pay £9 to see something up close that we could see from a distance got free. 

We visited Corfe Castle, which, I’m told, is one of the few remaining Norman dwellings in the UK. Another notable one being the Tower of London. 

Instead of walking around the perimeter traditionally we off-roaded a bit and scaled the hill around the castle. We walked through the woods and traversed an obstacle course of wooden beams and poles and chains. 

There was even a dog on a fence greeting every pedestrian as they walked by. 


It was nice to walk in the woods and through the mud. My bright white converse got ruined.  

We were treated by nature as the weather held up whilst we were walking around, but as soon as we got back on the train it started to rain. The train was a traditional steam train that ferrys people back and forth between Swanage and Corfe. It reminded us of being on the Hogwarts Express. 

Being in the woods was a nice chance to run around and get muddy and climb on things and be a little reckless. I spent much of my childhood climbing trees and running around the streets, but that lifestyle dies a bit as soon as you turn, like, 14. So it was fun to be a bit childish and run and climb and get muddy. 

Until tomorrow, don’t slip and fall. 



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