March 21st 2016

Today, being a Monday, would normally be my school night. For the last 8 weeks I’ve spent one night a week at a college class for creative writing, but that’s finished now, so I found myself with a free evening. 

And with that free evening, for a large part of it, I sat and played with my Rubik’s cubes. Because I’m a nerd, okay. 

I have acquired a collection of them through the years, in different sizes and models but always a 3×3. And yes, I can complete one. Please, stop the applause and raise your jaws from the floor. 

One day when I was young and bored I found my mums old Rubik’s Cube and decided to teach myself how to solve it. So I just searched ‘Rubik’s cube guide’ on YouTube, and followed a step by step instruction on how to solve it. Then I committed that to memory and solved it every day until the algorithm was permanently ingrained into my memory. 

And thus, I can still do it. 

It’s not a particularly useful or impressive trick, but it’s a fun little challenge. Each time I try to do it faster and more flawless than before, and I get in a competition with present and past self over who can finish it faster. 

If you knew me you’d know that being able to solve a Rubik’s cube is ‘very me’, I’m weird like that. I’m the type of guy who spends a whole evening learning a sheet of algorithms for no discernible reason other than for the ability to solve a puzzle. 

My memory isn’t usually particularly good at retaining information, I’m pretty forgetful, but with this it’s different because it’s 70% just muscle memory; just allowing your hands to perform the algorithms that you’ve taught yourself to remember. 

There’s some deciphering and manipulation to get things in the right place, but from there you just execute the moves you’d committed to memory, which is easy enough, right?

Eventually I got bored of solving it over and over so I made a map of the British Isles out of Rubik’s cubes, and then I completed one with my eyes closed. 

All in all its been a fun evening.

Until tomorrow, remember the algorithm. 



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