March 15th 2016

Today I once again find myself transferring every document I’ve ever created or acquired from one device to another. 

You see, a few weeks ago I bought a new laptop, and tomorrow I’m going to see if I can sell it. It’s slow, loud, and whatever the opposite of ‘powerful’ is. I bought it so I could store, play, and edit my photos & videos from travelling Europe, and it can’t handle that. If I try to load a video it takes 30 seconds, if I try to edit a video it won’t give smooth playback, and then it crashes. 

It’s basically crap because I did no research and just bought the one that the bloke in the shop told me to. He told me it fitted my needs and requirements and that id get along just fine with it. That bloke also probably works for commission, but I am also a cynic. It’s also crap because I was stingy and didn’t want to spend more than £300. I don’t like to spend money and when I do it’s not normally so recklessly. 

Tomorrow I’m taking it to a computer exchange shop to see if I can cut my losses on it. It cost me £250 so if I can sell it for £150 I’ll just have to take a £100 hit for my stupidity, and carelessness, and I can find a powerful second hand machine for a bit more money. 

I just want everything to be easy. Technology is supposed to make everything easier, and at the moment it just frustrates me. If I didn’t have plans to sell the laptop, I’d’ve already punched a whole through its screen, for sure. (Probably not, but yeah) 

Until tomorrow, I wonder how much I’d get for a laptop with a fist through the middle. 



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