March 4th 2016

Today I ran 10 miles. 

I went to my Nan & Grandads to do some jobs around the house for them, and then I went to the gym. It was like 1pm. I didn’t have work until 5pm. So I got on the treadmill and started running. My goal was to run about six and a half miles, because that’s basically 10 kilometres and I like round numbers. 

For about an hour I ran at exactly 6 miles an hour, and not long after that I passed my 10k goal. And then I decided to keep going. My next goal was 8 miles. I don’t know why I wanted 8 miles. I guess because it’s the next even number after 6, or maybe because of that Eminem film. 

Fifteen minutes later I got to 8 miles, and then I reasoned that 8 miles is basically 10 miles so I may as well just continue to 10 miles because I like round numbers. 

Twenty minutes later I passed 10 miles, then stopped after a cool down period. 

After I’d done the first 6 and a bit miles it was about 2pm. It was still three hours before I started work, and I didn’t see any point in going home. And I was still feeling pretty good so I decided to carry on going. 

From then on I wasn’t thinking in miles, I was thinking in minutes. 

When I passed 8 miles I thought “hmm, only 20 minutes to go until 10 miles. I may as well carry on.” And I did. And I wasn’t counting the yardage or the meters to go, I was counting seconds. 

The treadmill allowed me to hide the distance covered display, and all I could see was the time. 60 minutes. 80 minutes. 100 minutes. 

 I spoke last night about how usually I listening to music whilst doing other things, like driving. But today I was listening to music and running in the background. The running was just something I was doing on the side of listening to music. And that made it easier. Because I wasn’t concentrating on the run, or the distance, I concentrated on the music and on the time. 
10 miles is the furthest I have ever run in one sitting (probably not the best word choice), and, to be honest, at the end I didn’t feel like I couldn’t do any more. 

Wait. Double negative

I felt I could still do more. 

Three more miles is only thirty minutes and then it’s a half marathon. But ten was enough, ten was 50% more than I’d planned for, and 100% more than I’d expected. 

It was fun, it was easy, and it was rewarding. 

Until tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll feel different in the morning. 



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