March 2nd 2016

Today I had a pretty odd phone call. I was called by a woman who works at a recruitment agency and she said that she’d seen my CV on an employment website and she’d like to offer me an interview. Great, I thought! 

She said she was looking for waiters for a Michelin star restaurant in my area and saw that I had waitering experience and so she asked if I was interested. 

I mean, I am looking for a job, and working for a Michelin star restaurant would be far better than working at the place I currently work, but if I’m gonna get a new job it’ll be a job in the right direction, in the right field, etc. 

So I told her no. But it was nice to be asked. Actually, I’ve always wanted to eat in a proper fancy restaurant, and to be fair, I’ve always wanted to work in one too. 

But, I turned her down as I wasn’t interested. I don’t know what I am interested in, but it’s not that. 

I should start looking for jobs again. I know that. But I’m demotivated by getting rejected for a job I really wanted and I’m stuck as to whether I want to get a job that is not located in the county in which I live, because I’m struggling to find anything relevant or interesting here. 

I want someone to phone me up and offer me my dream job. 

Until tomorrow, I have no idea what my dream job is. 



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