February 26th 2016

Today I continued editing my novel and was shocked at how quickly time passed when I did so. 

I left the house at 12, and knew I started work at 5. I wanted to edit for a bit and then go to the gym, but I got so enthralled in the edit that I lost track of time and suddenly it was half past three and there was no time left. I turned my phone on airplane mode to help ignore any notifications, I put an album on repeat on Spotify, plugged in my headphones and blocked out the world. I sipped my coffee and then the hands on the clock span out of control. 

It’s very obvious that my full (with coffee) attention span is exactly one hour. I remember at the end of a five minute coffee break I looked at my watch and it read 14:34, the next time I looked at my watch, I promise, it was 15:34. So I got in 4 full one hour sessions of editing, and almost completely finished it. 

I’ll have these funny five minute spells where I just lose all concentration. But then I’ll be able to flick a switch and concentrate again. But only for an hour. I’ve got a convenient little system. One hours work, get a coffee/water, let my mind wander, change the album I’m listening to, then start again. 

I won’t question what it is that has made me be productive this week. Maybe it’s because I’m enjoying the edit, or maybe it’s because I’m not pressuring myself to be productive, I’m just going out and doing it. Maybe it’s the coffee. Maybe it’s the structure I’ve introduced. 

Wake. Gym. Edit. Work. Home. Marathon watch “How To Get Away With Murder”. Sleep. 

Although the last one is being pushed back later by the penultimate one, which affects the time that I do the first one the following day, which on days like today means I skip the second one. 

I now have four days off from the fourth one, so the edit should be finished before then. I think. I don’t know what I’ll do after that. I’m just taking it day by day rather than fretting about sticking to a weekly or monthly plan.
Until tomorrow, I work best with caffeine. 



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