February 24th 2016

Today I lost my memories. But then I found them again.

Let me explain.

I went travelling around Europe last summer, right? And every day I was away I took photos and videos to be edited into a daily video diary of the trip. Up until today I’d edited together videos for the first 65 days of the 79 day trip. I do the editing by wirelessly sending the videos from my camera to my phone and editing and uploading them on there. Today I went to grab my camera to send new photos/videos over to my phone, but I remembered that last weekend I’d bought a new memory card because I went to Oxford for Valentine’s Day and I wanted to take photos but my memory card was full of travelling photos and stuff. So I bought a new memory card and swapped it out with the old one. But when I went to find the old memory card today, I couldn’t. It wasn’t in the camera case, it wasn’t in my bag, it wasn’t in the car. It was gone. It had fallen out of the camera case somewhere in Oxford. The reason I took so many photos, and why I created the videos was so that I would forever have a documentation of my trip. I could look back on the photos, or watch the videos and I would remember what it was like to be away.

I’m fairly sure that I am going to lose my memory one day, which is why I’m so obsessed with documenting everything I can. So losing my entire documentation of the trip was crushing. All of the photos were on that memory card, I had never put them on my computer because I never saw any reason why I would lose my memory card, which was inside my camera, which was inside my cupboard. But I did lose it, somehow. But, there is some hope. I’d remembered, vaguely, that at some point I had downloaded some stuff from the memory card to my girlfriend’s computer. So I text her, and asked her if she could remember. She couldn’t. And she was at work, so couldn’t check.

At 5pm she saved my memories and told me that all the videos from that memory card were on her computer. Rejoice.

For a few hours I felt very weird. I was mourning my lost photos, my lost memories. I was angry that I’d lost it through carelessness, and sad that I’d never get to complete my video diary. I’d’ve lost all the footage from Nice, Montpellier, Barcelona, and Disneyland. (I was most upset about the possibility of losing footage from Disney, I’ll be honest.) But, thankfully, the footage showed up, and my memories are complete.

The reason I’d never backed up the memory card onto my own computer is because my personal laptop is slow, and old, and every time I tried to copy over the files it just crashed and died and fried and stuff. So, before I’d found out that Alice had copies of the footage, I went out and bought a new laptop. I’d been flirting with the idea for a while, but this was the deciding factor. I couldn’t risk losing anything like this again.

So now the process starts of doing a backup and save and download of every file I have on my phone, my old computer, and my camera. It means I’ll be able to save all of the footage in one safe place, and edit the videos together on my laptop, instead of my phone.

It was a shock, for a while I thought I’d lost everything, but now I think I’ve only lost some photos, as I only saved video to Alice’s computer, I think. But, it could have been worse, and for a while I thought it was.

Until tomorrow, my memories are intact.










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