February 23rd 2016

Today kind of a lot happened but not enough of one single thing to warrant blogging about, so I’m just gonna ramble through it all. First, I went to golf with my grandad, as I do every Tuesday morning. His golfing partner, Chris, told us that his Dad had died last week. 94, he was. 94. Hell of an innings, my grandad said. Indeed. It shocked me that Chris seemed, kind of, okay with it. But he said to me “every time I’ve seen him for the last 5 or 10 years I’ve left thinking if it might be the last time, and this time I was right” he’d already accepted it, he’d done his grieving whilst his dad was still alive. 

I came home and took my mum out for a coffee and a walk around a garden centre. It was very important that we did it in that order, because I wouldn’t like to imagine a walk around a garden centre without an injection of caffeine. As annoying as it is that I keep getting rejection emails from jobs I’m applying for (got another one this morning, btw), I could get used to midweek coffee mornings. 

I popped down to see my Nan, and she looked great in her new wig. She starts radiotherapy tomorrow and is nervous about it. I hope I helped calm some nerves. She doesn’t like the idea of being pinned down in the dark and not being able to get up. 

In the evening I chose to watch a football match instead of going on date night with my girlfriend, which, with hindsight being that my team lost 2-0, was probably a bad idea. She’s not happy, I’m not happy, no ones happy. It was, as I said, probably a bad idea. 

It was an eventful day off from work with emotional highs and lows, but that was my day. 

Until tomorrow, happy birthday Jackson. 



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