February 20th 2016

Today I jumped on a treadmill and accidentally ran 6 miles. And I say accidentally because I wasn’t planning on doing it. I just got on, pressed quick start, set the speed to 9 (I don’t know what units that 9 represents) and started running. I expanded the TV screen on the treadmills HUD so that it covered the “distance” and “time” sections meaning I didn’t really know how far I’d run until I stopped. 

I mean, I kinda knew because I was aware of the speed at which time was passing, and I’m aware of the speed at which I usually run, so I could kinda figure it out but I tried not to. 

It was easy to run because I was concentrating on other things, I was listening to an album and watching Sky Sports News, and the run was kind of just something I was doing whilst watching SSN. An almost by-product. 

I have yet to decide if I prefer running on treadmills or on the road. 

I didn’t stop, I didn’t slow down, I just ran for pretty much an hour and ended up doing 6 miles. The only reason I stopped was because my wireless headphones had ran out of battery. (which, I am aware is the most first world of problems) 

This not-knowing thing helped a lot. I find when I run on the road and I have the voice in my ear that says “one mile completed. Time. 9 minutes 45 seconds. Average pace, 9 54.” then I struggle more to keep going, because I end up changing speeds to try and up the average pace, and then I get tired and have to stop and lower the average pace. But the treadmill keeps you at the same pace, and it’s easier to manage. 

But today I just kept it on 9-whatever’s and carried on going. 

Until tomorrow, don’t look. 



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