February 17th 2016

Today I realised how little control I have over the passing of time. I bumped into an old school friend that I literally haven’t seen in 6 years. Six years. I finished school in 2010 but that doesn’t seem possible. Over half a decade has passed since I last saw this person. 

I’m in a funny phase of life where I have no idea of how old I am. And by that I mean I have no idea if I am old or young. I’m 22. That’s old. I left school six years ago. I left Uni 6 months ago. I’m a properly functioning adult. But I’m still young. Right? I still have my entire life to do things, to see things, to accomplish things. Right? 

Time will always pass at a constant rate, today contains the same amount of seconds as yesterday did, and so will tomorrow. So time itself doesn’t seem to pass particularly quickly in the moment, but when you look back you wonder “where the bloody hell did it go?” 

Six years ago, I left school. Six years. I think going to college and uni halted my growth in maturity, because Uni is just like an optional and expensive school with more alcohol. And now I’ve finished Uni and I’m in this rut, and I see old school friends and they ask what I’m doing, And all I can say is “trying to sort my life out” which is in someways true. 

Until tomorrow, where the bloody hell did it go?



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