February 15th 2016 

Today I learnt that I didn’t get the job for which I interviewed a couple of weeks ago. 

I eventually succumbed to just phoning her and asking her, because she hadn’t got round to letting me know yet, and as soon as she answered the phone I knew the decision she would give me. In fact, I knew before then. She wouldn’t’ve waited so long to call me if it hadve been good news. 

So, the news is that although I have a good interview, answered the questions well and came across very well, there were other applicants who had more commercial experience than I do, and so they’ve decided to go with one of them. 

That sounds about right. It’s like she’s read it from a script. 

Although it is correct that I have zero commercial experience, that didn’t seem to be a problem when they invited me to the interview. They’d read my CV and clearly liked it enough to offer me an interview, all the while knowing I don’t have the commercial experience. 

So why waste the time of both of us if you later decide that you do actually need commercial experience? 

I’d carefully placed all of my eggs in this basket, I’d turned down a job that I was actually offered because of the chance of getting this one, I’d stopped looking for other jobs on the off chance that I was offered this one, and I properly wanted this one. It just seems that I was destined to fail from the very beginning. 

I don’t regret turning down the other job to hold out for this one, I turned down the other one because I knew deep down I didn’t really want it. And being rejected from this job doesn’t change that. 

It’s kinda demotivating now because I’m back to square one, exactly where I was a month ago and no closer to finding an actual job. 

Until tomorrow, at least I have an answer. 



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