February 11th 2016

Today I’m still waiting for a call telling me whether or not I have been successful in my application for a job for which I interviewed last week. 

People keep asking me if I got it, I keep having to say “idk soz” and people keep telling me I should just phone then and ask, but idk soz. I feel like if I phone them then that’s too keen and pushy. Is it? And I’m going over the possible outcomes of that phone call. “Hello, it’s me. Did I get the job?” I don’t see a version of the answer to that question that isn’t “Oh shit, no you didn’t, sorry I forgot to email you.” If they’ve forgotten to get a hold of me then they’re probably not too fussed about offering me the job. 

Although I could phone up and they say “we’re still deciding, we’ll holla next week with a decision” I guess. 

I don’t want to call them because I wouldn’t know what to say. Because I don’t want to ruin any chances by being pushy. Because I don’t want to invite myself to a rejection. I’d much rather a carefully worded rejection email. 

At this point I’ve assumed that if I get a phone call: it’s good news, if I get an email: it’s bad news. Because if I was successful then they’d have to phone me to find out about availability and contract signings and stuff, but if they want to reject me then an email saying “no thanks” would do fine. 

Until tomorrow, let us hope for a phone call. 



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