February 7th 2016

Today I’m suffering a bout of wanderlust. 



a strong desire to travel. “a man consumed by wanderlust”

You see, I travelled Europe this summer and filmed it all on camera, and since I returned I’ve slowly edited each day into a video, and every time I do that I (metaphorically) cry a little because I want to go back, or more specifically I want to still be there, still be travelling. 

Today the video I edited was of Verona, Italy. And whilst there we, Alice and I, locked a padlock to a gate beneath Juliet’s balcony in a bid to prove our (metaphorical) eternal love. 

And I want to go back and see if it’s still there, I mean, I know it won’t be, but I want to go back. I feel like I didn’t truly appreciate it at the time, that I didn’t live it the best I could. General travelling, that is, I’m not still on about the padlock. 

I carried that padlock in my bag for 2 months before attaching it to the gate in Verona, and he (yes, I am assigning a gender to a padlock) got to stay there when we left, he didn’t have to come home and work shifts, run in the rain and sleep far too often. From beneath Juliets balcony he can see history and love and culture and I can see Pizza, because that’s my job… I mean, he can probably see Pizza too, it is Italy after all but you get my drift. 

I worked 12 hours a day 5 days a week before I left for travelling, and I didn’t mind because my one goal was to make the money, and I wanted to consume all of the hours that I could in a bid to raise the funds, and I did that, and I did travelling, and now I’m back and I have no reason to make money, no reason to go to work, and all I’m left with is wonder, and lust, and wanderlust. 

Until tomorrow, I just want to still be there. 



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