February 6th 2016

Today Good Evening, Thanks for calling Pizza Hut, James speaking how can I help? I’m sorry but we don’t do delivery I’m afraid. I can give you the number of the store that does? What do you mean that doesn’t make sense? Yeah they’re technically a different company to us, owned by different people, we’re almost as different as McDonalds and Burger King! No, Pizza Hut isn’t just Pizza Hut. They’re a delivery store and we’re a restaurant. No, sorry, we don’t offer the same deals as them because they’re a delivery store and we’re a restaurant. Yes I know it says collection only, but it means collection from a delivery store, and we’re a restaurant. I can give you the number of the delivery store. No I can’t just transfer you, we aren’t the same company. Of course you can speak to my manager, let me just get him for you. 


And on, and on, and on…

That happened repeatedly at work today, people kept phoning and asking for deliveries, or they’d ask for us to honour one of the delivery deals because we share 2/3rd’s of their company name. You don’t walk into a Nike Store and say “Adidas have a sale on so can I have these shoes for half price?” 

People just didn’t understand when I said that the deals that say delivery are different from the deals that didn’t say delivery. 

The first few phone calls weren’t too bad, “oh, sorry, I must’ve phone the wrong one” etc, but then they start to get agitated because they’re hungry, but that’s not my fault, but they think it’s my fault, and they keep going, and keep going, and the phone keeps ringing, it keeps ringing, Good Evening Thanks for calling Pizza Hut James Speaking How Can I help. And they don’t understand that we don’t deliver even though it says on the website. 

Until tomorrow, I’m sorry we don’t deliver I’m afraid. 



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