February 4th 2016

Today was/is World Cancer Day, and with it came the trend #ADayToUnite wherein the idea is you write the name of someone you know who has been affected by cancer on your hand and share it on social media. 

So I did that. 

And I started with just the people I’ve known that have actually been diagnosed with cancer, but then I kept going and wrote the names of everyone in my family, because it doesn’t just affect the sufferer, it affects everyone. Brothers, sons, daughters, sisters, grand kids. Everyone. We don’t sit through the treatment or the therapy but we suffer through the pain, and lay awake at night. 

My Nan takes her medicine and lies down for scans and takes her chemo like a champ, and she doesn’t moan, she doesn’t stress, or complain, she’s stronger than any of us, than the sum of all of us. She’s the one that’s ill but yet we’re the ones suffering. 

I’ve noticed that, that the sufferer is usually the fighter. Nan is fighting and she’s battling and she’s doing it with grace and a smile. And the rest of us are helpless, we facilitate her fight but she’s doing all the hard work, we just watch on and feel useless. I do, at least. 

I dunno, I just want her to be okay, and she’s not. And I want there to be something I can do to help, but there isn’t. And writing on your hand in ink is just a token gesture, it doesn’t do any good, but nothing does any good. All the funding in the world and people still die from it every day. 

Until tomorrow, fuck cancer. 



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