January 30th 2016 

Today I waited an entire day for something exciting to happen that would give me something to write about tonight but nothing did. I worked an 8 hour shift where the only notable thing that happened is a customer gave me a “why on earth are you working here if you have a maths degree” type speech that I completely agreed with. 

I’m looking forward to having a job that I’m not ashamed of, so I hope this interview on Wednesday goes well. Ashamed/embarrassed, I guess. 22 years old. Maths degree. Pizza waiter. I made small talk with a waiter the other day and mentioned that I too waited tables, and when he asked where I was embarrassed to say where (small time family run rustic Italian restaurant called Pizza Hut), so instead I told him I worked at Pizza Express (kind of posher I guess) but even still, what am I doing? 

I don’t know why it takes the harsh words of a kind hearted customer to give me an awakening, and I guess he just reminded me of something I’ve known all along rather than enlighten me to anything new, but… I’ve got to get out of there. 

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that I am destined for better things than Pizza. 

Until tomorrow, would you like fries with that? 



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