January 23rd 2016

Today I kinda decided to delete the last paragraph of my novel. For some reason I was laying and bed and then decided that the last paragraph wasn’t needed, and that I didn’t want it any more. One paragraph doesn’t sound like a drastic change but without it the entire ending kind of changes. 

And if you’re wondering what the change is then YOU CAN BUY MY BOOK ON AMAZON WHEN IT COMES OUT EVENTUALLY SOME TIME MAYBE WHO KNOWS. No but really. I just… Changed my mind. I don’t know. I might yet change it back. Over the next few weeks I’ll be re-reading and editing my novel in lieu of my plan to upload/publish it to Kindle directly. This will also probably involve a lot of deletion of many paragraphs. But none as drastic as the one I made today. That paragraph will probably come back. Who knows. I don’t. 

I need other people to read it, I might outsource some editors from people who have not yet read it. I’ll ask if any random Twitter people want to read it when my Twitter hiatus ends tomorrow. And then I need my girlfriend to make the cover art, and then I can upload it. It’s really easy, it seems. 

Oh, I started reading Gatsby today. 

Until tomorrow, it seems good so far. 



4 thoughts on “Paragraph

  1. Eleanor Mulder says:

    As an editor myself, I strongly recommend you hire the services of a professional. This would be after as many people as possible have read it and commented. That way, you know you have given your story its best possible chance to be understood as you intended.
    If you decide not to hire an editor, as it can be expensive (although I am very reasonably priced lol), here is a great article to read:

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