January 18th 2016 

Today I finally realised that it’s 2016, and had to go back and edit 2015 to 2016 in each of the last 17 blog posts on this site. 


Today I went back to school, or more accurately, college. It was the start of an eight week creative writing course that I applied for. I didn’t know what to expect when I applied, nor when I showed up, but it was good fun and very interesting. 

As an icebreaker they had us describe our backgrounds and talk through what we’re interested in writing. For the first time I wasn’t met with shock when I said I have a maths degree but want to pursue a career in writing. She (the teacher) said that it made sense, experience of patterns and logical thinking and formulaic structure within maths will help within writing. Apparently. 

Afterwards we analysed two texts, a short story and a poem both around the theme of ‘change’ as in; to make a change in ones life. My knowledge of poetry is non existent but I was able to draw some intelligent conclusions from the short story. 

The last thing we did was what was described as free writing, wherein the instructor gave us a word and we were to write about this word for five minutes without stopping. That premise is basically what I do with this blog, so for me it was easy. Although, what I wrote ended up being, as these posts are, pretty rambly, and not very creative or thought provoking. 

The next stage is to write a properly thought out piece, be that a poem or a 1000 word short story, about that same subject; in this case “Change” is the subject. And that piece will be presented at the next class and critiqued by the rest of the group. 

I came home and got started on it. 

Immediately the writing feels different, because suddenly now I know that people will be analysing what I write I start to think more about it myself. I try to add depth and description and meaning to the words, rather than just put them down on a page as I am doing now. 

I’m scared of critique, but I also encourage it. As the reason I subscribed to this course is to improve my writing ability, and also to learn skills from other writers. Which seems to be basically what we’ll be doing. Ideal. 

Until tomorrow, be the change. 



3 thoughts on “Change

  1. Eleanor Mulder says:

    I’m not sure how many blog followers you have, but you have your army of critiques at your fingertips. I’m sure your fellow bloggers would be happy to give feedback on your creative writing. In fact, I might try the very same thing. Never hurts to get some feedback. Well at least in the long run 🙂

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