January 15th 2016

Today I started thinking about how weird it is that we let little animals run about in our houses and eat our food and lick our faces. I’m at my girlfriends, and she has a cat. They were all watching Eastenders so I played with the cat, and I was suddenly very aware that this was a living breathing creature and not just a teddy bear if that makes sense. 

You go out and buy this thing for £20 and it lives in your house for 10-12 years and if sleeps on your bed and chases spiders and scratches at the walls. 

And it’s like a family member, except the only conversations you have with it are extremely one sided. 

I’ve never had pets, really. My mums allergic to fur, and I think I am too. We had a rabbit once that wasn’t allowed in the house, and that was eaten by a fox. Apart from that we’ve only ever had goldfish. So it’s weird to me; this connection people have with their pets. I know a girl that got a tattoo to commemorate the death of her dog. And she posted on Facebook like it was a member of her immediate family that had died. 

And I guess maybe it was. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe pets are like family. I’ve just never understood that because I’ve never had one. 

Cats are cute, and I want a husky, but I don’t yet understand that familial bond that people have with pets. 

Until tomorrow, woof woof meow. 



One thought on “Pet

  1. wengering says:

    “We had a rabbit once that wasn’t allowed in the house, and that was eaten by a fox.”

    Lolled in my lecture, thanks Jacn

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