January 14th 2016

Today I thought of something topical and interesting to blog about, but then I forgot. So I don’t know how this blog will turn out. 

Earlier, I sent off copies of my magazine work to the agency that requested it. That’s quite a big thing, actually. That my name is in a physical printed magazine, and so is my work. It was the first time I’d ever seen my name in print (on something that I didn’t print myself) it was weird handing it off to someone else to critique, but I’m also proud of it even if I did find two typos that I will forever claim were not my fault. 

I’m thinking of positions that I could end up in, and I think a magazine could be one of them. It’s less journalismy than a newspaper and you get to write a lot. I enjoyed my time at the magazine, and I now have printed proof of my work, which is cool. I’ll forever feel a little odd seeing my words on a page. A real page. Not One of these pages. It’s odd to think that people would’ve read that (maybe)

Until tomorrow, it’s odd to think that people read this. 



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