January 13th 2016

Today I had a job interview for only the second time in my life. Which meant wearing a suit, yay. I love suiting up. Just makes me feel official and grown up and confident and stuff. 

I think it went well. I mentioned yesterday that I don’t think I particularly want the job for which I have just interviewed, and I don’t think that’s changed. It seems that within the job there is no license to be creative, and I’m kinda after a role in creative writing, not just one in writing. 

But it was interesting to talk to the company, I prepared a lot of stuff that I didn’t end up talking about, which is annoying. I’d thought up good anecdotes and relevant information but seemed to blank and forget them even though they were written on the sheet in front of me. 

I brought with me copies of my published work from when I worked an internship for a Magazine in Wales, and they were impressed by that and asked to keep a copy (it was my only copy so I said no) and they were really intrigued by this blog, and mentioned that they might like to see this too. I’m not going to let that happen. 

All in all it was all very intriguing. In all. 

The company’s premises is on an airfield, although it’s more an airfield graveyard where old planes come to die. That was also intriguing, and probably metaphorical. 

Until tomorrow, I think it went well. 




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