January 12th 2016

Today I got to work (waiter, restaurant) worked for 20 minutes and then the oven broke so we closed and I went home and prepared for my interview tomorrow. 

Oh yeah. 

I have an interview tomorrow. I got it through the recruitment agency with whom I had a meeting last week. It’s for this shelving/storage solution company working in their marketing department. 

I’ve discovered during interview prep that I don’t actually want the job for which I am interviewing. Which helps a lot with the nerves. Reading the job description and learning about the company I don’t think I’ll be giving much license to be creative in my writing. I’ll be writing about shelves. Not much wriggle room there. 

But nonetheless I’m still going to go to the interview and try to do well in it. Almost as if it is for practice. Is that bad? I don’t know. I am currently in employment (waiter, restaurant) so it’s not like I’m desperate for a job and will take the first one that is offered to me. Because I am now starting my career I want to make sure I take the right job and start on the right path. 

That make sense? I dunno. 

Until tomorrow, wish me luck. 



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