January 11th 2016

Today was date night. And I wanted a proper date night, where we did more than just have dinner and then watch Netflix. I picked Alice up from work and then we went for dinner. 

alright, nothing new there. 

And then we went bowling. Hardly the most exciting activity but it was something new, we’d never gone before just the two of us, and there’s fuck all else to do in this small town. 

It was great fun. £7.50 each for 3 games and it flew by. We both did better than I think we both expected (although we did have the bumpers up), and what’s nice about bowling is that it’s not really a competition. You celebrate when the other person gets a strike or a spare. High fives, fist bumps, sneaked kisses. 

When we were travelling Europe we’d struggle to play cards with each other because we were both too competitive, but with bowling we both wanted the other to do well. Which was nice. 

We both had a nightmare round in the second game, it’s surprisingly tiring! But I picked it up for my highest score in the third game. 

From then, we played the arcade games. The co-op first person shooters are our favourite. Even if Alice gets really scared when things jump out at her. Bless her. We played this version of Air Hockey where a load of pucks shoot out at once. Here’s Alice’s reaction to it. 




It was just a really fun night. A night where we were silly and lived and laughed and loved and remembered why we’ve been together so long. 

Until tomorrow, love today. 



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