January 9th 2016

Today everyone’s going crazy over the lottery. The jackpot for the British Lottery is something like £60m, and the Powerball jackpot in the USA is almost $1b. Which is fucking ridiculous. 

The whole mentality behind the lottery is weird. Everyone knows the astronomical odds that you’ll win it, but every person buys a ticket with the thought of “but it could be me” 

1 in 300 million, roughly. Your chances of winning the lottery. To put that in perspective, you’ve got more chance of being struck by lightning whilst drowning. 1 in 180 million. 

But, there is always that one person that wins it. Well, not always, that’s why the jackpot has rolled over so much and got so high, but someone will at some point win. And that could be anyone. Buying 10 tickets increases your odds, buying 100 tickets increases your odds. Spend £1m on lottery tickets and your odds of winning are 1 in 300. Hardly guaranteed. 

My dad won the lottery today. £25. He got 3 numbers. 

Human beings like to believe that they are special, and that they will be that one in a (300) million chance. Driven with hope, and guided by delusion, people will continue to plug money into this sink expecting a payout. Maybe. We are driven by “What if…’s” and “it could be me…’s” 

Until tomorrow, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 



One thought on “Lottery

  1. readersandmore says:

    The Lottery is one crazy thing! I live in the U.S. and the Powerball just keeps going up! Someone wins and I’m like “aww” and then I realize they didn’t even get the powerball number. I’m not even 18 and I still care XD

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