January 5th 2016

Today, firstly, depending on how you have come to read this post you may notice that it is now hosted on the domain “www.fillingmyblanks.com” and not the previous “www.fillingmyblanks.wordpress.com”

Both still work, I just paid for the domain name without the WordPress bit to be my “primary domain” nothing else should have changed. 

Anyway. On with the blog. 

Today I received a response from a job I applied for, and, again, this job requires some evidence. Because the jobs I am applying for are jobs within creative writing every company seems to want evidence of the fact that I can write creatively. 

And it’s really hard for me to do that. 

Because, really, what have I written that I can give to someone? I’ve written a book, but I can’t really give them that, I write this blog, but is that really the kind of thing they want? The only thing I’ve actually written and had “published” is a sports article, and I don’t think they would deem that relevant. 

And it’s also hard to want to give them something. They want proof that I can write and if they then reject me then that means that I can’t write. Right? 

Maybe not. But that’s how my brain is wired to think. 

I can take a rejection if I’ve just handed in a CV, but I’d struggle with being rejected because of something I’ve worked hard on, or am proud of. 

So I don’t know what to do. Maybe I don’t have the experience, or the evidence, that they require. Maybe I need to get some. But how? What? 

I start a creative writing course in two weeks, so maybe that will help acquire the evidence I desire. 

Until tomorrow, prove it. 



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