December 31st 2015

Today, I fucking did it.

One entire year of daily blog posts. One blog post every day for one year. Every day, for one year, a blog post. I’ve run out of ways to say it.

Let’s celebrate.

One year ago tomorrow I started this challenge of blogging every day and I have actually finished it. There have been days when I’ve blogged drunk at 4am in the morning, I have blogged from 16 different countries, managing to find internet in every single one (even when I was skiing up a mountain and had to pay £10 a week for dodgy wifi) I have blogged when sick, or ill, or hungover, or depressed. Whatever my day has been like I have found the time to write something about my day, every day.

At the start of the year I made these resolutions. Let’s see how I did.

1) Blog every day. 

Smashed it. Every single darn day. 

2) Run. Far. Not necessarily fast.

I’ve begun halfmarathon training, and become semi-serious about running especially in the last two months. Success. 

3) Travel. Far. Not necessarily fast.

I spent 3 months of this year travelling around Europe. I visited 9 new countries, and 13 in total. I went the furthest east, and furthest south that I have ever been. I travelled well. I travelled far. 

4) Learn an adequate amount of the native language of the countries I intend to visit.

I taught myself a bit of French and was 5% fluent at one point. That’s about it. 

5) Read a lot, and read different.

I read different, but not a lot. My “to-read” list has shrunk, but not by much. My only real urge to read came on trains as I travelled Europe, but I only had my kindle and thus none of the books id aimed to read when I wrote this list last year. 

6) Graduate University with a 2:1 honours degree.

I got a 2:2. There’s nothing I can do about that. I averaged 68% in my final set of exams and I needed 70% for a 2:1. I did my best. 

It’s been a good year. It hasn’t been a particularly creative year, writing wise, I’m not anywhere nearer to having a book published as I was two years ago when my  New Years resolution was “publish a book” and nor have I written much more of the next one. But I did spend 3 months of this year on a train.

I’ve completed most of what I aimed to do this year, I need to run, read and write more. But I will always need to do that.

One whole year. 365 days. 365 posts. I assume I’ll carry on tomorrow, I’ve not really thought about it.

Until tomorrow, happy new year.



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