December 30th 2015

Today was date night. Double date night. Double date night plus one partnerless friend. Five of us had a game night at Alice’s. We played board games. 

The first game we played was Cranium, it’s a game for creatives. Drawing, sculpting, singing, whistling, spelling. The only thing I was good at was spelling. We did boys vs girls and the girls smashed it and took the win. 

The next game we played was Taboo. 

Taboo is a game where you have to describe a given word without using any of the five subwords. For example, you need to get your partner to say the word ‘Volcano’ without using the words ‘Pompeii, Mountain, Vesuvius, Erupt, Ash’ 

This time we did Me & Alice against the other three. 

Alice & I smashed it. We were so in sync. The way to win at Taboo is to describe the word using a way that only your partner, (in both the game, and in our case in life) would understand. 

So, for example, the word that Alice had to describe for me was ‘Ace’ and she couldn’t say “cards, spades, deck, suit, one” so what she said was “the nickname that your friend Jake calls you” 

And I knew that she meant ‘Ace’, and she’s told me it without talking about cards at all. It’s like we had this psychic connection, I knew exactly what she meant every time and it worked the other way too. 

It’s come through years of conversation, I know what she’s thinking most of the time, I know what she’s about to say before she says it. And I know what word she wants me to say when she says “what I have for breakfast”

Until tomorrow, the answer is brioche. 



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