December 29th 2015

Today I stuck to my word. Yesterday I said I’d apply for five jobs by the end of today, and I swear to God I… Applied for four. Okay, so I stuck to four fifths of my word. That’s still good, right? 

There were two things stopping me from applying. The first was the covering letter, but that turned out to be pretty easy to knock up after I got over the hurdle of Never Being Able To Talk Positively About Myself Because I’m My Own Bigget Critic. I did have one slight setback insofar as I sent the same cover letter to two different companies but addressed it to the same person. I’m hoping the second company won’t have noticed, but I’m betting they probably would have. Oh well. 

The second holdback (idk if I can use that word in that context but I just have) is that because I am applying for jobs within an industry that requires creative writing, it is required that I prove that I can write creatively. So I had to find something that was adequately written that I could send off, which was difficult because, as I’ve mentioned, I’m My Own Biggest Critic. 

I’m the weird type of writer where I like to write but I don’t like the thought that anyone might read it because what if they don’t like it and what if it’s bad and what if I’m bad and my God I’m a wimp. 


I sent off everything that was required of me in applications for four different positions. I wouldn’t imagine I’ll hear anything back from anyone until the offices open again on January 4th, but for now at least it feels good to have started looking. Before today I’ve only ever applied for one job in my life and that is the job that I’ve been doing for 6 years. 

So I’m currently on a 100% success rate. 

Until tomorrow, I’d imagine that’ll start to go down soon. 



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