December 24th 2015

Today it’s Christmas Eve. (I mean, it’s technically past midnight so I guess… Happy Christmas… But it’s still Christmas Eve for the purpose of this blog) 

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions, and we are a family with plenty of them. We always go to the cinema on Christmas Eve. Except this year I had to work, so my parents and one half of my two sisters went without me. But then, a Christmas Miracle (not really) I finished work early so I was able to go to the cinema with them. Rejoice! But I couldn’t get a seat near them. Unjoice! So my Dad, bless him, sat apart from the three of us and the tradition was upheld. 

We always have Christman Ham (gammon), Egg and chips as our Christmas Eve meal, and we always get to open one present before bed on Christmas Eve. 

That present is always pyjamas. Every year. Who knows why. I stopped wearing pyjamas years ago but mum still persists with it, and to be fair these ones are bloody comfy. Then we put our stockings on our doors and go to sleep early. 

I’m the youngest of my siblings, and I’m 22. But we continue our childish family traditions, and probably will do until the last of us (me) moves out. My eldest sister has her own house, and family (boyfriend) with whom to start her own traditions. And one day Alice and I will have our traditions. 

And suddenly everyone is grown up. Which is why it’s so important to enjoy what we have left. Because there may not be many more like this. Soon there will be no stockings, no Christmas ham, no cinema. But then there will be new stockings. New ham. New traditions. 

So with our traditions Christmas is a time for respecting the past. Enjoying the present, whilst it is still present. (And enjoying the presents) and also for looking forward to the future. 

And I hope you have a bloody good one. 

Until tomorrow, Merry Christmas. 



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