December 20th 2015 

Today I decided I need a new job. I’ve been sworn at by irate customers twice this week, and I’m just done with that bullshit ‘the customer is always right’ mantra. The customer isn’t always right. The customer is often a dickhead. 

Some guy called me a twat today. I was stood at the hatch to the kitchen (I’m a waiter, btw) collecting some food that I was about to deliver to a table, and this bloke with face tattoos (not really important, but relevant) comes up to me and says 

‘is there anyone actually fucking working here?’ 

Yes‘ I said. ‘I work here.’ 

Well can you come and serve me or are you just gonna stand there looking like a twat?‘ said the man with the tattoos on his face. 

I’ll be right over just let me finish taking this food‘ I said, letting my training talk for me. 

‘Good. And some manners would be nice’ he said. 

Back at you…’ I said, letting my brain talk for me. My brains a sarky little prick sometimes. Fortunately (because he’s the kind of guy that has tattoo’s on his face and that’s not the kind of guy you want to hear that kinda comment) he didn’t hear me. I carried on doing what I was doing and then served him, and I didn’t even spit in his food; but only because he told me not to. (He literally said “you best not spit in my food”) 

To be fair to the man with tattoos on his face, I was standing there looking like a twat. I was wearing a bright, red and fluffy Christmas jumper with a massive reindeer on the front. Tyson was right. I did look like a twat. 

But I’m just so done with people talking at me like that. The other day I wrote about how a table of… Somethings… put a hair in their own food and then stormed out without paying. And then a drunk man told me to fuck off because I pointed out that the door said “push” and even with all of his drunken, one handed efforts it would not open via pulling. 

And now the man with the tattoos on his face. And I’m so fucking done with the service industry. I’m so fucking done with people like Mike Tyson. 

So I finished work, went home, and started applying for jobs. Actual jobs. Jobs with salaries and contracts and a consistent work schedule. I mean, I didn’t actually apply for any but I found five that I want to apply for; after I’ve completed my CV and started and finished my Covering letter. 

Until tomorrow, it’s on. 



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