December 19th 2015

Today, as is our Christmas family tradition, we watched Miracle on 34th Street. Well, I watched the first half of it, but I know what happens.

We watch it every single year, and I realised I must’ve become a cynic in the last year because I no longer believe. Let me explain. If you’ve not seen Miracle on 34th Street then firstly you a bad person and a Scrooge, and secondly here’s a plot summary…

Old man, claims he’s Santa Claus, haters try to say he’s crazy, believers #believe. And the main plot arch of the story is that if you believe in Santa Claus then there is no way you can say that this man is not Santa Claus. So all you’ve gotta do is believe. And, clearly, I stopped believing in Santa Claus a long time ago. But that’s a different situation. 

I’m now cynical enough to believe that this man isn’t Santa Claus and is just a crazy old man. At no point during the film does he project any superhuman or Santa-like powers. He talks to a Reindeer at one point but I could talk at a Reindeer but that doesn’t mean it would understand me. 

In the end there is no proof that he is Santa Claus but there’s also no proof that he’s not, which is kinda circumstantial. 

Every time I watch the film I notice something new, and this years thing was that he’s probably just a crazy old bloke. But maybe I just wasn’t in a very believing mood. 

Anyway, Merry Christmas! 

Until tomorrow, do you believe?



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