December 17th 2015

Today, forgive me, but I have a story from yesterday. I wanted to tell it yesterday but I had that other thing to talk about and then nothing but happened today so I’m just gonna tell it today… Saying that, you weren’t there. You don’t know it didn’t happen today… Let’s just pretend it did. 

Today at work we had a table walk out on a £50 bill because there was a hair in their food. Firstly, there was a hair in their food. Secondly, it belonged to nobody in the restaurant other than one of the three people sat on that table. It was not one of our hairs, it was theirs. I saw them do it. 

Now when a customer complains about something like that, I get my manager and she sorts it. She’s usually take that meal off the bill or offer them a voucher or something. But this group saw an opportunity for a free meal and milked it. 

I must reiterate that this was not a hair of one of the employees, it was one of their own. Their story was fabricated. 

When my manager went over to them the guy, in his heavily Irish accent (this table were clearly a group of gypsy/travellers, I knew that from the start) said to her “that’s disgusting, you’re making us feel sick.” And as if it were rehearsed (which it probably was) his girlfriend got up and rushed to the toilet to be sick. Wait, sorry… “To be sick” 

When she came back, they left. They walked out, screaming at me, my manager, and the kitchen staff on their way out. All of them held their stomachs and feigned vomiting. And as soon as they left the building they straightened up, looked back at us, and started laughing. 

It was a con, a scam. We all knew that. From the moment they sat down you could tell they had no intention of paying. We’ve had problems with travelers before. Personally I though they’d just get up and walk out when no one was looking, but these ones were slightly more dramatic. 

The annoying thing is that in that situation there is nothing I can do. We have to let them walk out. I am not allowed to stop them. I am not allowed to tell them that I don’t believe their story. The customer is always right. Even if they’re fucking scum. 

Wanna know the worst thing?

They had a baby with them that was barely 6 months old. That baby has no chance in life because of the people around whom it will grow up. Scum. 

Until tomorrow, what a scummy man, just give him half a chance I bet he’ll rob you if he can. 



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