December 16th 2015

Today I was actually excited about the prospect of getting a job. I woke up to a few messages with links to job vacancies that Alice thought I might like (subtle hint) and so I started creating a CV. What was hard for me before is that I assumed that any job I got now I would hate and it wouldn’t be using my skills and it would be a dead end. 

But the jobs she sent me links to actually seem quite interesting. And they involve writing. And I didn’t realise there were writing jobs out there. It’s amazing what you can find when you start looking for it.  The job was for that of a junior copywriter at an advertising firm. (Ish) and they’d want me to write things across various medias, social, publishings, television, radio. It’s cool. It’s really cool. 

So I whipped up a CV tailored to a job that will require my writing eptitude (I know that’s not a word but I feel that it should be) tomorrow I hope to have a completed CV, and thus be able to start applying for jobs. 

That’s crazy, that. And it’s crazy because I’m actually quite excited about it. I’m excited about getting a new job. A proper job. A real job. 

I mean, I still have to apply, interview and be accepted, but I’m excited about the thought of having a job. Which is something I’ve never been before. 

Until tomorrow, write a copy. 



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