December 15th 2015

Today, Tuesday, is date night. But this Tuesday was Double Date night. Alice and I have a couple friend that have been together longer than even we have. We all went to school together, and we’ve grown up as a foursome, as two couples, and we’re all friends outside of the couple, or the foursome. He’s my best friend, and she is Alice’s best friend. 

It works. It works very well. 

And I’m very glad for occasions like tonight where we can sit down at a restaurant and either we can all four talk at once in one conversation, or he and I can talk whilst she and her do, or she and I can talk while he and her do. Because we’re a group of four as well as two groups of two it doesn’t mean that ‘this is my friends girlfriend that he’s brought along’ she is my friend. And she is my girlfriends friend. 

I’m sure you get the point I’m trying to make. 

It feels very grown up, double dates now. Before, in my adolescence, a double date was when you wanted to spend time with the girl you fancied but you were too scared to be alone with her so you invited your mate and she did the same. (We have had this type of date as well at the beginning) but now, with intelligent and interesting dinner conversation about travel, work, politics (I think), food, wine, houses, it’s grown up. You know? 

And it’s nice. I’ve never liked socialising in large groups. Anything above 6 people is too many for me. You get talked over, you feel excluded, you only get to speak to half the people, normally the people nearest you. I feel like that’s true, for me, at least. Four to six is ideal. Outside of our two couples we have another separate two singles which make up our group of six. They are not a couple as much as we would all like them to be. If they got together it would complete the sixsome, they have both wanted it, but just as different times. They now have their own separate relationships outside of the group. Which is, selfishly, disappointing. If they got together we’d have a treble of couples to make a perfect hexsome. 

Until tomorrow, I’m almost sure that hex = six. 



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