December 14th 2015

Today I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m on week two of half marathon training and I usually like to get my run in earlyish in the morning. But I started work at 10 today so I didn’t have time. (I am aware that for most people 10 is not early, but it is for me) by the time I got back from work it was 5. Dinner was at 7. And then suddenly it’s 8pm and I would’ve found it very easy to not go for the run. 

Except I couldn’t not go. Because I have to continue the streak. Last week I completely stuck to the program I was set,

I didn’t miss a day, and thus I can now never miss a day. It’s like this blog. I have to blog every day for a year because so far I have blogger every day for eleven and a half months. 

Now I’ve got the streak going I cannot stop it. 

So when it’s 8pm, and I’ve just eaten a big dinner, and I’m not much feeling like a run, well then I don’t have any choice because I have to do it. Because if I don’t there won’t be a little tick next to the box that says Monday. 

And it’s ridiculous to me how motivating that tick is. Because if one day that tick is not there then it means I have failed. It means I will have missed a day. And by the nature of these daily challenges I set myself at some point they become habit. Writing these posts isn’t something I have to talk myself into doing, it’s just habitual that I do it now. And I’m hoping to develop the same relationship with running. 

What’s nice about running to a program is that it encourages rest days. It means I don’t have to run every single day, and it gives me days where I get a tick for doing nothing. 

Until tomorrow, I’m ticking along. 



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