December 11th 2015

Today I was offered a management position at my place of work. An opportunity which I respectfully turned down. 

I can’t get into management for a few reasons. 

1) it’s less money. Managers don’t get tips, I do. 

2) it’s more hours. Managers either start at 7am or finish at 1am. No ta. 

3) it would make me committed to the place. A thing I’ve always liked about my job is the fact that I’ve always been able to come and go as I pleased. When I went to uni, there was a job waiting for me at Christmas. When I went travelling, I had a job to come home to. If I was a manager id feel compelled to stay there consistently

4) I would get stuck. This follows on from the previous one. Suddenly I’m 25 and I’ve been working there for ten years and doing manager work for 3 years and nothing is happening in my life. I have higher ambitions for myself than that. No offence. 

My boss even said to me after she offered me it that unless I had long term plans to stay working there then I shouldn’t accept the offer, because I’d get stuck just like she did. Because it’s constant consistent reliable money and that’s so easy for some people. 

But not for me, I prefer the unreliable terrifying uncertainty. Who knows what I’ll do? But I hope that it will be more than that. 

Until tomorrow, In fact, I don’t hope. I know. 



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