December 5th 2015

Today I observed something funny. 

I work as a waiter in a restaurant, and naturally this means that I serve a lot of couples and/or people on dates. You notice when it’s a first date, or when the couple have been together a while. 

I’m reasonably good at remembering faces, and remembering people I’ve served before. And today I served a guy that I’ve definitely served before because he looks awfully similar to Prince Harry. This guy was on a date tonight, it’s easy to tell, but what’s funny is that last time I served him he was on a date with a different girl. 

Its interesting to see this little glimpse into someone else’s life. Clearly since I last saw him he’s had a break up, or a string of first dates, or maybe he’s seeing multiple girls at once. Maybe the Prince Harry thing really works for him. 

It’s just weird to me. How I know this guys dating habits but I don’t know his name. And I get this very personal view into his life, just because I serve him. 

I try to block conversations out when I’m working, but if I allowed myself to listen I bet I’d hear some stories. 

Until tomorrow, I hope Harry’s new princess lasts longer than the last. 



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