December 4th 2015

Today I got a letter in the post that said in January I am being auto-enrolled in a pension scheme at my workplace. 


That’s ridiculous. I’m not thinking about that. That letters going in the bin. 

Plus I may not be there in January. Today, I think, for the first time ever I started making a CV. I might get a proper job. Might. Probably. Maybe. I dunno. How else can you say maybe? 

I said to myself that upon returning from travelling I would have up until the New Year as a ‘break’ after travelling. I felt I deserved a break after a three month holiday. That may not make sense. And soon it will be Christmas and soon my break will be over, and then I’m getting a proper job. One of them nine to fives. I’ve never done that before, I don’t know how I’d get on. 

Writing the CV I don’t know if I’ve done enough. But I don’t know where I’m applying for or how much ‘enough’ is for them. I’ll probably need to figure out for whom I want to work and what job I want to do before I start handing them out just because I have one. I keep expecting the answer to come to me, and it doesn’t. I went travelling so I could have more time to decide what I wanted to do. I had a break after travelling for my time. I’m putting it off and putting it off. Right now doesn’t have to be ‘what I want to do’ but more ‘something I can do until the summer’ 

In summer I either go to America for eight weeks or move to Cardiff, and that’s the next step. Between January and July I have to work to fund either of those decisions. And I want a proper job with a nine to five so I can see my girlfriend in the evenings and not come home smelling of onions. 

Until tomorrow, that’s all I ask. 



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