December 3rd 2015

Today was successful. Yesterday I said I’d run 5k metres and write 5k words. And I didn’t do that. But I almost did. I ran 5k metres and wrote 3k words. I mean, that’s still pretty good, right? 

It was the most productive I’ve been in a long time so I gave myself the evening off. I couldve, and probably should’ve, gone to 5k words because I had no excuse not to, but I kinda wrote myself into a bit of a hole and need to think about how I’m gonna get myself out of it. So in the end it made sense to just call 3k enough and give myself some time to figure out where I go next. 

I started a running program today. It’s on the Nike+ running app and it tells me how much to run each day and each day is different intensities and stuff, it’s an 8 week program which seems a bit excessive but I’m going for it. 

Structured programs like that help me a lot. Because I have something to stick to, something to abide by. I can’t miss a day because then I’d be messing up my program, so I have to find the time to do it. I’ve started on a program that prepares me for and ends with a half marathon in 12 weeks time. 

It’s helpful because when I do go running I kind of just run until I feel like stopping and then I stop. But hopefully the structure will encourage proper, consistent running. 

Until tomorrow, is there a Nike+ writing?



5 thoughts on “Program

  1. FitCoach99 says:

    I’m saying it counts. At least you sat down to write. Love that the apps hold you accountable. Great motivation! Congratulate yourself don’t question it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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