December 2nd 2015 

Today I was supposed to have a productive day, honest I was. At 10am I was dressed and ready to go for a run, but my Grandad showed up and wanted to go out for a drive. Which we did. Which is how I ended up very underdressed in a posh gastro pub somewhere in Gloucestershire. 

So as I’ve missed my productive day today, I’m going to double my efforts tomorrow. And I’ll do that in a set of 5s. 

Run 5k, write 5k. 

At 10am I’ll run 5km, I’ll come back, shower, eat, and then settle down to write 5,000 words. 

And I’m putting this on here now because it’s far too dark in my room to find my day planner. (Yes, I have a day planner) and if I write it on here then it means I have to follow through with it, because otherwise I won’t’ve just let myself down, but the entire internet… Ish. 

I’m rambling. Night. 

Until tomorrow, five thousand. 



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