November 29th 2015

Today I set a trap. A couple months ago, before I went away, when I was at work I caught this lady stealing tips from me. I wrote about it here. And today I worked with her again, and I set a trap. I put £4 into a cup and left it in the bar area for ‘safekeeping’, come the end of the night there was only £3 in the cup. 

I knew what had happened. She’d taken a quid from the cup. She’d fallen into my trap. 

I mentioned in passing “oh, I thought there was another quid in here” and walked away to get the rest of my money counted. A few minutes later she comes into the office and said “I found your pound under one of the glasses!” And she hands me 2 50p’s, whereas I put four 1 pound coins into the cup. 

So she’s taken a quid. And it’s silly really because now I’m going to get her fired and it’ll all be over one pound. 

I have the proof I need because she fell into my trap, I caught her doing it, and she gave me back two 50p’s instead of a pound coin. How stupid does she think I am? How stupid is she? 

She’s got kids are her kids will probably go hungry because I’m making sure their mum doesn’t work at my restaurant anymore. I’m not having it, it’s not on. Silly cow, all of this over a quid. 

Until tomorrow, that was the final straw. 



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