November 28th 2015

Today Alice and I journeyed to Cardiff on a Christmas shopping trip. It was my first time being in Cardiff since I graduated from University there 4 months ago. 

It was like a zoo there. The rain forced all the Christmas shoppers inside the St David’s shopping centre and I had to throw a couple of elbows and kicks around just to get into some shops. 

The people flocking to the sales, penned in like sheep, reminded me why that I should probably invest in Amazon stocks. Because the real smart people got their Christmas presents with two clicks and one knock on the door. (Or one click and two knocks on the door if you’ve got Amazon prime) 

Alice and I suck at buying presents for each other. Every year we say we’ll get half our budgets worth of surprises for the other, and every year we scrap that idea because neither of us know what to get the other. This year she’s had a good idea, a cute idea, and we’re rolling with that. It involves getting lots of little presents and presenting them in a stocking, so the criteria for the gifts are 

  1. Small enough to fit in a stocking 
  2. Cheap enough that you can buy enough presents to fill a stocking 

That’s it, that’s the plan, and so far it’s gone well. We didn’t get all of our presents today, because neither of us could handle the herds. 

I’ve used like five different metaphors in this post that relate humans to animals, there’s probably a word for that but I’m not anywhere near smart enough to know it. 

Until tomorrow, fill your stockings. 



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