November 22nd 2015

Today I realised something weird. This isn’t like, a massive breakthrough or anything, but I just noticed it. 

I work in a restaurant, right? And today I served my girlfriend. And even though there’s a load of background noise and chatter in the restaurant, I could still pick out her voice and hear what she was saying even if I was across the restaurant from her. I guess because I’m so attuned to her voice I can hear it above others. 

But I hear my colleagues as well, even though every table in the restaurant is chattering and talking I can still hear my co-workers above all else. And I just think it’s weird that in the haze of noise you can pick one single voice out of it to concentrate on. I dunno, that might not be weird to some people. 

To me it’s like reaching your hand into a rainstorm and pulling out a single raindrop. 

It’s weird. It’s just a haze of noise that hits your ears and gets processed and you can pick and choose what you hear without ever thinking about it, it just happens. 

Humans are weird. All this stuff happens to make us breathe and talk and be able to type random blog posts about being able to breathe and type and you don’t even have to tell yourself to do it you just do. 

It’s weird and beautiful and wonderful. 

Until tomorrow, listen up. 



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