November 12th 2015

Today I was actually glad to be back at work. I work in a restaurant, and today I was basically by myself all day because it wasn’t busy enough to warrant having two people out front. So I was just running things. And it was nice because for a few hours I didn’t have the chance to think about anything other than just work. Because I was by myself I was kept busy, all I could think about was where I needed to go next, who needed what, when who’s food would be out, plan out my route and my next step and stuff. So my brain was kept busy enough that I wasn’t able to think about everything else that is going on. 

But then all the tables left and my mind transitioned it’s thoughts. 

I have to be busy, I hate quietness. I hate boredom. I can’t just sit. I have to be reading, listening to music, playing games, watching films and scrolling through my phone all at the same time. Just one of the five isn’t enough. 

So work was a welcome break. I mean, I’d rather be elsewhere but it if I have to be there then I’d rather be busy. To keep my mind busy. 

Until tomorrow, stay busy.



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