November 9th 2015 
Today I’m going to let my phone write a post for me. Using this little suggested text bar thingy. 

I mean, it’s really lazy but I have nothing to talk about today and I wanna go to bed. I’m basically just going to repeatedly press the suggested word until it looks like a sentence and then chuck in a full stop here and there. Here goes. 

The fact is not to mention it was just a little bit. I’m so excited to be in my head and a new one and I don’t think it was just about every single time you have a good time. The only thing that would have to go back in, my head hurts so bad and I don’t think it was just about the future. The one who is the best thing ever is when you have to be a good day, to be a good time, to get a new one and I don’t think I can get it. I’m just going on with my life and the rest of the year and I don’t think it is not the same thing. I’m just like that. The only thing is a very nicely done with this new version is this real estate agent who are in fact the best thing to be.

Reading back over that after spamming the buttons randomly I can draw a few conclusions:

  1. This is a bad idea for a blog post.
  2. I’m a reasonably positive person, my predictive text used words like ‘good’ and ‘best’ 
  3. I think it’s suggesting I go into Real Estate as a career. 
  4. “I’m just going on with my life” sums me up pretty well. I’m not one to dwell on things, or stew, or let things bother me. I just get on with it. 
  5. “My head hurts so bad and I don’t think it was just about the future” perhaps a coincidence that I’m having to do a lot of thinking about future careers, and jobs, and life. And whatever it is “I don’t think I can get it”
  6. Real Estate 
  7. It was just a little bit of what?

I don’t know what any of this means, but it was interesting. It was like analysing texts in GCSE English again except the texts were written by a robot that doesn’t understand grammar or the meaning of the words it is writing. 

My overall impression of it is that there’s a lot of things floating around in my head at the moment and they’re all jumbled up, I’m thinking about the future, sure. But I also just want to enjoy today. I know that I should be working towards a career, or working on my novel, but I can’t make myself do it. And I’m just getting on with my life, just letting it float on by without any real drive or motivation. And I’m not interpreting now, I’m telling you this. I want to achieve all of this stuff but I also can’t be arsed. I want my future to be how I imagine it in my head, but I don’t think about the path I need to take to get from where I am now to where I want to be. 

Until tomorrow, I don’t think I can get it. 


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