November 8th 2015

Today, I don’t know how, but I started talking to my parents about pensions. We sat down after dinner and they talked me through pension plans, and investment, and savings, and mortgages, and loads of really important money stuff that I never learnt at school. 

I expressed that the thing that puts me off about all that is having all your money in loads of different places, and to gain a sum of your wealth you have to add up the assets from all the different places across which they are spread. 

It’s not like I do, log onto the Lloyds Banking app and check how much money I’ve got on my card. The money is everywhere. And I don’t like that. 

What I want is to be paid my wage onto my card, and to pay for things I need from my card. That way I know how much I have, and how much I have spent. I know it makes sense to put money away in savings accounts to stop you from spending money you don’t have, but if I know I can’t afford something then I just won’t buy it. It’s easy, right? But then there’s interest, and investment, and you don’t get any of that on a current account. 

And basically there’s all this scary shit that I know nothing about that is basically going to run my life until I retire at 67 or 75 or whatever it will be by the time I get there and then I’ll just be fed by the government through a straw. 

I know I don’t have to worry about any of this stuff yet, I’m 22 and not close to buying a house with a mortgage or getting a real job with one of those pension thingies, I just feel like I should know more about it than I do. Which at the moment is fuck all. 

Until tomorrow, and invest wisely. 



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